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Top 10 Magic Air Fresheners

Magic Candle Company®

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Top 10 Magic Air Fresheners
Top 10 Magic Air Fresheners

Get ready to smell the Magic of our top 10 most popular scents as picked by you, our amazing fans! You will receive 10 of our best selling air freshener fragrances for one low price. The 10 air freshener scents include...

1) Pirate Life®

2) Polynesian™

3) Haunted™

4) Banshee Flight®

5) Flying Over Orange Groves®

6) Pineapple Whip®

7) Contemporary®

8) Splash™

9) Wilderness Resort

10) Tiki Terrace™

You can find all of our scent descriptions by clicking HERE.

Each premium quality air freshener is sealed inside a plastic pouch and comes with an attached elastic string. Magic Candle Company® air fresheners should only be stored at room temperature. Once they are removed from their packaging, the air fresheners should be hung from a rearview mirror so that the heat of the sun activates the fragrance. Our air fresheners have a lifetime of approximately 2 - 3 weeks.

Please note that we cannot substitute any of the Top 10 Air Freshener fragrances. If you would like to choose your own fragrances, be sure to check out our Pick 4 Air Fresheners option by clicking HERE.

*Magic Candle Company® air fresheners are designed to hang freely and should not come in contact with any plastic, painted, or varnished surfaces. Magic Candle Company® is not responsible for any damages caused by the misuse of our air fresheners.

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