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MCC Candle Belt 

Bringing the Vacation to You®

Welcome to the Magic Candle Company®. Smells can transport us back to powerful and emotional memories from the past more effectively than any of the five senses. Any traveler knows that "smells" can play a huge role in our nostalgic love of our favorite vacation spots. The smell of a tropical beach, orange grove, dark water ride, burning embers, walking past an old-fashioned ice cream parlor or confectionery and, one of my personal favorites, the smell of a beautifully themed resort lobby.



I created the Magic Candle Company® from always wanting a way to bring these nostalgic scents home to experience each and every day. We hope you enjoy our products and find them as magical and familiar as your favorite vacation destinations.



- Keith M.
Founder of Magic Candle Company®



About the designer...


To visually capture the nostalgia of our favorite vacation destinations, Magic Candle Company® worked with Midwest designer Zachary Kern. All of our scents are adorned with original illustrations, tailor-made to evoke each fragrances distinct personality.