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Tiki Warmer

Magic Candle Company

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Tiki Warmer
Tiki Warmer
Tiki Warmer
Tiki Warmer
Tiki Warmer

PLEASE NOTE: We have more Tiki Warmers in production now and hope to have them back in stock by December 2020

Create a unique, intimate ambiance in any room with these exclusive Magic Candle Company® Tiki warmers. These decorative warmers combine light, fragrance and artistic design without the use of a flame. The soft, 25 watt light bulb provides a relaxing atmosphere while acting as a safe heat source to warm wax cubes or fragrance oils (sold separately) which fills your room with a magical aroma of your choice.


  • Safe, clean heat source (25W light bulb)
  • Uses no flame
  • No soot residue
  • Fills the home with a delightful aroma
  • Uses wax cubes or fragrance oil (sold separately)
  • Light creates a soft, relaxing atmosphere
  • Measures approximately 7 x 5 inches
  • Toggle on/off switch

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