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Pick 4 Enchanted Fragrance Oils

Magic Candle Company®

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Pick 4 Enchanted Fragrance Oils
Pick 4 Enchanted Fragrance Oils

Gift yourself, or those favorite people in your life, a set of four Enchanted Fragrance Oils. Each 5ml bottle of fragrance oil provides a magical aroma of your favorite vacation destination without the wax. All of our Enchanted Fragrance Oils are safe to use with any warmer or diffuser. Simply use a few drops of fragrance oil to fill your environment with the smell of pure Magic. Use the drop down menus to make your selections and start smelling the Magic today.

Our fragrance oils, also known as aroma oils, contain synthetic aroma compounds that are diluted with essential oil. They are purely aromatic, having a pleasant and distinctive smell. All of our fragrance oils are phthalate free and adhere to the strictest standards of safety and purity.

If you are new to using a flameless heating alternative, consider purchasing one of our Electric Warmers to bring a flameless fragrance option into your home. You can find our Electric Warmers and Magic Diffusers by clicking HERE.

You can find all of our scent descriptions by clicking HERE.

If you enjoy our fragrances and would like to smell the Magic all year long and save along the way, consider joining our new Enchanted Fragrance Oil subscription box by clicking HERE.

Please note that our Contemporary®, Floridian®, Yacht Resort and Beach Resort scents share the same fragrance. Our Banshee Flight® and Flying Over Fiji® scents share the same fragrance. Our Haunted Holiday™ and Floridian Christmas® scents share the same fragrance as well.

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