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Magic Candle Warmer

Magic Candle Company

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Magic Candle Warmer

Magic Candle Warmers are the perfect way to enjoy the fragrance of your favorite candles without a flame. Simply place your candle on the warming plate to heat up the scented wax and release the fragrance into the air. Magic Candle Warmers are also perfect for utilizing any remaining candle wax that may be left over once the wick has extinguished. Magic Candle Warmers have a 4.25” diameter and an on/off switch with light indicator. Works best with candles up to 4” in diameter that are in tin containers or glass jars.

  • Safe, clean heat source
  • Uses no flame
  • No soot residue
  • Fills the home with a delightful aroma
  • Warming plate is 4.25” diameter
  • Toggle on/off switch

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