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Enchanted Fragrance Oils

Top 10 Enchanted Fragrance Oils

Magic Candle Company

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Top 10 Enchanted Fragrance Oils
Top 10 Enchanted Fragrance Oils

Get ready to smell the magic of our top 10 most popular theme park and resort scents as picked by you, our amazing fans! You will receive 10 5ml bottles of our best selling oils for one low cost. The 10 oils include...

1) Pirate Life

2) Haunted

3) Polynesian

4) Banshee Flight

5) Flying Over Orange Groves

6) Rome Burning

7) Contemporary

8) Pineapple Whip

9) Bakery

10) Wilderness Resort

All of our Enchanted Fragrance Oils are safe to use with any warmer. Simply use a few drops of fragrance oil and let the heat of the burner fill your environment with the smell of pure magic.

Our fragrance oils are not essential oils. They are purely aromatic, having a pleasant and distinctive smell, and are safe to use around pets. All of the fragrances adhere to RIFM and/or IFRA standards for safety and purity.

If you are new to using a flameless heating alternative, consider purchasing one of our Electric Warmers to bring a flameless fragrance option into your home. You can find our Electric Warmers by clicking HERE.

Please note that we cannot substitute any of the Top 10 Enchanted Fragrance Oils. If you would like to choose your own fragrances, be sure to check out our Pick 4 Enchanted Fragrance Oil option by clicking HERE.

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