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Customer Reviews

Always a pleasure

Love Magic Candle Co and my...
Cooper Langer
Oct 24, 2021

Absolutely perfect!!!

It’s got those bromine wate...
Matthew W
Nov 10, 2021

Just gets better and better

I have been a Magic Candle ...
Any Hagland
Oct 24, 2021

Love it all year long

The way this candle capture...
Payton Gadd
Jul 18, 2021


The only thing that's missi...
Sue D
Sep 23, 2021

The Magic of Fall

Oh how I love this scent! I...
Oct 19, 2021

Spot On!!

It’s truly incredible how t...
selena harry
Oct 12, 2021

The Most Perfect Scent

I have bought a lot of diff...
Mar 30, 2021

The best fragrances

As a big theme park fan, I ...
James Futrel
Oct 24, 2021

Better than BBW

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles from ...
Amanda Wrench
Oct 13, 2021

Literally the best scent ever!!!

It smells soooooo goooooddd...
Chris H
Oct 06, 2021

Fun and unique holiday scent

I would highly suggest addi...
Virgina Grasta
Nov 02, 2021


Splash is exactly what I wa...
Frankie Frei
Sep 23, 2021

My favorite holiday fragrance

I cannot explain how happy ...
Jennifer Palmer
Oct 26, 2021