Pick 4 Enchanted Shower Melts

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Pick 4 Enchanted Shower Melts
Pick 4 Enchanted Shower Melts
Pick 4 Enchanted Shower Melts

Turn your shower into a magical experience with our Enchanted Shower Melts. Pick out 4 of your favorite theme park or resort inspired fragrances and place one on your shower floor. These shower tablets provide an additional burst of fragrance with the steam of your shower and are the perfect way to capture the scents of the most magical places on earth without the fuss of a bubble bath.

Shower Melt Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, isopropyl alcohol, fragrance, color.

Also try our new collection of Enchanted Bath Fizzies found HERE. Each fizzy makes for an effervescent soak that’ll leave your skin oh-so-soft and smelling magical.

Please note that our Contemporary, Floridian, Yacht and Beach scents share the same fragrance. Our Banshee Flight and Flying Over Fiji share the same fragrance as well.

Manufactured in partnership with Living Fabulously Fluffy LLC

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